We Remember when the Towers came Down…

Today we remember the firefighters, the policemen, the mothers, the fathers and the grandparents all now gone. We remember those who did their duty until the towers came down. We remember those who waited for help that never came. We remember those who gave blood, who gave time, who lifted up prayers to help the survivors and their families.

I have been told that remembering can only truly take place if we have a deep and personal relationship with another. Let that be so as we remember 9/11. May we grasp in some small way the pain of loss, the personal affliction of those left behind. May today be a sacred moment where we lift our heads, and our hands in prayer.

Dear God, uphold those who grieve today. Uphold those who weep at the memory of a lost one. By Your Holy Spirit grant this nation and her people peace so we might comfort those who mourn and that we might strive toward peace. Bless this nation and her leaders so that one day there will be nor more days like 9/11.

Prince of Peace hear our cry and our plea.

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