Time to Prepare…

Zach Well I’ve started again. Cutting some blocks for our Lenten series. My wife thinks I’m a little crazy to go through so much work for such a few weeks. To be honest most people just don’t appreciate the process. But…that’s not why I do it. For me its a time to consider God’s word, to pray about what I read in the Scriptures, to meditate on those words, then contemplate my relationship to God through those meditative thoughts and finally cut to the center and find direction.

This morning I was reading from Genesis 1:3-5 in the Living Bible, Then God said, “Let there be light.” And light appeared. And God was please with it, and divided the light from the darkness. So he let it shine for awhile, and then there was darkness.

Obviously God was creating a woodblock series. Just kidding. But what really caught my attention was that phrase, “…he let the it shine for awhile, and then there was darkness.” Let’s be honest people. You only have a short period to walk in God’s way. To share in His creation, to tell someone the good news of a risen Savior. So…enjoy the walk today. Share with a friend or neighbor how you are preparing for that day you walk the path in heaven. Don’t delay for darkness is always a reality.

Dear God thank you for being our creator and redeemer. Help us to prepare and spread the good news about the path. Amen.

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