the Pope’s Visit…

All over the news is Pope Francis and his visit to the United States. What will he say, what ramifications for our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ? Pope Clement said in the first century, “If we review the various ages of history, we will see that in every generation the Lord has offered the opportunity of repentance to any who were willing to turn to him… Jonah told the Ninevites they were going to be destroyed, but when the repented, their prayers gained God’s forgiveness for their sins, and they were saved, even though they were not of God’s people. We should be suppliant before him and turn to his compassion, rejecting empty works and quarreling and jealousy, which only lead to death.”

With so many friends, neighbors, and co-workers taking a moment to watch the media about the Pope and his visit this is a wonderful opportunity for you. How? To talk about your own journey, to share with friends and neighbors how you have walked the path of salvation. Don’t miss these God-given seconds to share a moment of hope. Someone’s life could be changed by the Popes’ visit.

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