Take a Presence Break

Dolores Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. Have missed you all! But lets see if I can get back on the path. Just before Christmas I visited the Mission Dolores in San Francisco California. In the cemetery there is the marvelous statue of Father Serra walking the path. He seems to be taking a presence break.

What do I mean? Well the skill of merely pausing for five minuets and spending some time in the Presence of our Savior. Why not try it now? Make it Simple: Just decide to stop right now. Breathe: Notice the temperature of the air as you take it in. Take a deep breath. Expand your chest. Exhale and Let it Go! Let go of everything that does not serve you. Let go of that to-do list. Just ask God to walk with you now. Breathe In. Breath Out. Breath Out. Breath In. Do you feel the energy? Be Present: Notice what is attracting your attention.Draw in the Deepest Breath of Your Day. Breathe in gratitude for this day. Exhale, let go, and say HELLO to this present moment.

Whenever you experience stress, worry or pain this day take a break and walk with your Lord. You know what to do.

Dear God, wherever we look today allow us to catch a small glimpse of you. Let us enjoy this day! Keep us on the path.

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