As I was working on my sermon for last week I was using the first sentence out of Genesis, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” I was again smacked with this fact: God is noted as creating everything but…silence. Point? Silence is part of God.

Some of you reading this blog are way ahead of me in your contemplative life. But for me over the last fifty years as I have grown in my centering walk I have come to appreciate silence and to acknowledge without it I would have no meditative life. As I have studied the Carthusian, Benedictine, the contemplative monasteries without walls, as I have reviewed, been led and practiced Self-Realization, as I have lived meditation as shepherd, counselor and therapist I have been made to learn about silence.

As I have lifted my life up to God through meditation and prayer I have gained an awareness of a growing and maturing relationship with the Divine in my everyday life. But this has only happened by allowing myself to be…silent. REMEBERING (and this has been very hard for me) I cannot make myself silent but must allow it to rise within me. The big question of course is how? Answer…through persistent meditation that allows activity to subside…at least for a few moments which gives permission to my soul to rest and opens me further to the Savior.

So…if this interests you sit straight, close your eyes, breath deep and be…silent. Don’t ask, don’t demand anything from God just let the memories, the thoughts, the anxiety flow and it will, if you allow it, then you can be open to the love, the care, and the silence of our God.

Okay I got carried away but if you are interested in hearing more on this subject please let me know. I will soon be adding a way for you to be directed to further information on walking with me on the contemplative path.

“May our feet skip with the mountains: as we sing and dance your praise.”

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