I’ve been running into the shadow of the cross a lot lately. I was walking through our sanctuary when I glanced up and on the wall light had hit the top of our Christian flag and this was what I saw. The cross the emblem of our Savior’s execution. The cross the sign of our salvation. The cross the symbol of abundant life!

The Mozarabic Sacramentary states this, “The Day of Resurrection has dawned upon us, the day of true light and life, wherein Christ, the life of believers, arose from the dead. Let us give abundant thanks and praise to God, that while we solemnly celebrate the day of our Lord’s resurrection, He may be pleased to bestow on us quiet peace and special gladness; so that being protected from morning to night by His favoring mercy, we may rejoice in the gift of our Redeemer. Amen.”

Dear pilgrim are you rejoicing in the cross today? Are you living a life of quiet peace and gladness because you have been saved? Are you lifting your life up to our risen Lord from morning to night? Let me be blunt…probably not. So just take a moment right now to give thanks for the cross. Pause…and say thank you that we live under the shadow of that symbol that reminds us of peace, hope and life with our Savior tomorrow.

Dear God, help us to become so familiar, or at least keep running into the shadow of your cross so often that it consumes our thoughts and waking moments. That we are driven into worship. Then even our smallest actions even our everyday experiences will reflect your light. Amen.

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