smokeI often have incense in my office. I remember my grandmother lighting it regularly and I grew up enjoying the various scents. But my wife doesn’t appreciate the aromas or the smoke messing up our ceilings so it has been banned. But the office is a different matter.

The other day I turned around and the smoke was just lingering for a few moments before drifting upward. Which caused me to think of Revelation 8:4, “The smoke of the incense, together with the prayers of the saints, went up before God from the angel’s hand.”

When you read this portion of the scriptures you are introduced to the angel of worship. Here the prayers go up and change comes down. The incense represents worship and prayer combined to set into action mighty works of God. Point? The fragrance of the incense reminds us that worship and prayer is not forgotten or ignored on heaven or earth.

Now I know this is a blog and not a Bible study. But there is a lot of stuff happening around us. Planes falling out of the sky, people murdered going about their daily routines, sickness, the religious and ethnic hatred that seems to be in every corner of our world. Maybe today you should stop for just a few moments. Offer up a prayer for peace, for right actions, for comfort.

Pray with me…Dear God, we know that each day we move closer to death, that is part of the process. So, help us to remember that today is a gift. That as we serve, as we help others along the path we are living the life you called us to live. May today be one where we practice thanksgiving, and most of all right actions which may bring peace. Amen

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