Pray for Our Church Day 15

June 15

Read Ps. 85:6; Rev. 3:14-18; Jer. 32:39; Ps. 111:10; 2 Ki. 23:25;  Lk. 24:45, 32

Lord, I lift up the spiritual temperature of my church. Revive us! Refine us so that we burn hot for You. Give us singleness of heart and action so that we always fear You and follow Your precepts.  Pour  Your spirit into us so that we turn to You heart, soul and  strength. Open our minds to understand Your Word so that our hearts burn  within us.

Heavenly Father,

Give the leaders of this fellowship boundless wisdom, your grace, your power to shepherd your people and to share the Gospel with those around them. Make your laborers fruitful in every good work today. 

In Jesus’ powerful Name,