I was sitting with two of my grandchildren while they licked spoons covered in frosting. Grandma was icing a cake and this was their first experience of getting those delicious sweet leftovers. They had a great time getting it all over them, the floor and…me.

Sitting there in warmth, comfort and enjoying the peace of family. But as we all know this is not true for everyone. Today is April 27 a time remembered as “disappeared.” A day when the mothers of Argentina gathered to grieve over missing children, the result of war. Some put the number as high as thirty thousand.

Jim Wallis has stated,  “People who believe in war leave all behind, prepared to die: what price are we prepared to pay to be a people who believe in peace? Those who keep faith to the end will know their weakness the best. God, grant me the courage; help me, that I may plant seeds of peace.”

Today as you tuck your children or grandchildren in bed give thanks for their lives. Ask God to keep them safe also the children of our world. Those that go missing, those who are sold into the sex trade, those who are abandoned and lost because of violence, or drugs or economics. Ask God to give you the courage to be a person of faith, a person of courage, a person of peace.  Look around you and seek to bring peace to your community. I truly believe God will not put up with our world’s abuse of His “little ones” much longer.

On this path dear Savior show us where to serve, how to shelter, how to bring peace to those hurting. Amen!