Parable of the Butterflies

butterfliesWhat do you see? I was outside of Pismo Beach California at a place called the “Oasis.” This is a small plot of land that becomes the resting spot for hundreds of monarch butterflies. Here they hibernate for several months before they start migrating to the Rockies and Canada in February.

As you walk beneath the trees, as you gaze way up in the branches the last brown leaves of fall and winter seem to shiver. But…then you discover they are not leaves but the wings of butterflies. Huddled together for warmth they wait. They wait for just the right moment to set out and continue their journey of life.

I think you immediately recognize the parable of the butterflies. We only have moments in this life to live, to marvel at the creation God has set around us. My point? Don’t waste the gift you have been given. Make January an “Oasis” a time of reflection, a time of preparation and then launch out into this new year with laughter, with prayer, meditation, and the joy of the pilgrimage.

But don’t forget to pause in wonderment today at what is around you. Paramahansa Yogananda, the founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship made this point, “Oh, reveal to me the wonders of creation. Thine endless secrets that even the tiniest roadside weed bears in its bosom!”

Enjoy the path today!

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