Our Daily Walk…

treeNear Paso Robles California a tree was struck by lightning and it fell across the highway. The road workers took their chain saws to cut it up in order to dispose of it. The tree immediately fell apart and in the middle was this cross.

Probably in the late 18th century some traveler had carved the cross to alert pilgrims they were approaching a place of sanctuary. But when I saw the symbol I also thought of Nicholas Herman, most of you would remember him as Brother Lawrence. One day he too had an experience with a tree that changed his life.

It was winter and he was gazing at a barren tree and it was at that moment, maybe for the first time in his life, he recognized the majesty of God’s love, care and mercy. He started to think of himself as a tree pausing and waiting for the future that God would bring in each season of his life. After this experience he would enter a monastery and would integrate daily life with spirituality. What he would later term “practice of the presence of God.”

Why not do the same. As you go about your daily routine, lift your life up in worship. Say a short prayer for another during the coffee break. On the drive home think of your season of life and where you stand in regards to the cross.

As you go about doing the normal. As you sit at your desk, or move about you office lift up a prayer today for another. Remembering the cross is before us, around us, and beside us. Today I praise God for His mercy and love. Today in all I do I praise my Savior.

Dear brothers and sisters may God be with you on your daily walk, as you perform your routine, as you finish your day. Amen.

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