Last Sunday I was preparing for a baptism. Pinned to my robe was an Advent stole and in the process of removing it…stuck my finger. After the “Ouch” there welled up a tiny bit of blood.

As I wiped my finger off and put my robe on it hit me. I was baptizing an individual, I was symbolically participating in a ceremony that has been going on for centuries. The display of passing from the old, the lifting up from death into new life.

Sadhu Sundar Singh, a missionary wrote, “A silkworm was struggling out of the cocoon and an ignorant man saw it battling as if in pain, so he went and helped it to get free, but very soon after it fluttered and died. The other silkworms that struggled out without help suffered, but they came into full life and beauty, with wings made strong for flight by their battle for fresh existence.”

We cannot be raised up, we cannot be ready to serve to share, to move others forward along the path unless there is the shedding of blood. Without the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior we cannot be made new. Without His struggle, his willingness to suffer we would have no hope of ever moving forward.

Today pause and give thanks for this mysterious wonderful sacrifice that gives you a reason to continue this day and a hope in heaven tomorrow.

See you on the path.

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