One Purpose…

Last week some young adults I mentor put together a medieval mystery dinner show called, “The Game of Gnomes” for our youth group in the church. I have to say I enjoy these men and women immensely. They are creative, a little nerdy, and ask the best theological questions I’ve ever been challenged with during my ministry. But most of all…they enjoy sharing and being challenged spiritually.

Mary Oliver wrote these words as a poem, “It doesn’t have to be the blue iris, it could be weeds in a vacant lot, or a few small stones; just pay attention, then patch a few words together and don’t try to make them elaborate, this isn’t a contest but the doorway into thanks, and a silence in which another voice may speak.”

Thank you dear younger brothers and sisters in Christ for laughing, singing, being a little silly and most of all for asking and serving. I give thanks for those who stop their busy lives to take a second, a moment to “pay attention” to the voice of our Savior. See you on the path as we seek to bring the Good News of our Risen Savior to the “vacant lots” and empty “doorway(s):.

Dear God, you have appointed some to preach, some to be prophets. You have appointed some to sing and others to celebrate Your love. You have called some to contemplation and others to do acts of service but give us all a singleness of mind to fulfill Your purpose today. Amen.

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