My Advent

My preparation for the Advent season has already started. I decided to do some woodblocks representing the various announcements from the Lord regarding the coming Savior, which requires time and planning. I’ve enlisted the help of my mother to do some embroidery (thought would be good to have mixed media) my daughter to produce a pulpit banner to hold the prints and my wife for critical review.

I want the coming seasons of Thanksgiving and Advent to be a time of Joy. To be a season filled with music! So my theme this year is to center on the biblical songs of God’s people as they await the Savior.What a joy to pause, to consider, to prepare worship items to help shepherd the flock.

Of course you don’t have to wait for advent. You can raise your voice today in prayer, in adoration, in joy. Take a moment to enjoy your walk with the Savior right now!

Dear God, we are often so rushed we have no time for You. We stumble, trip and even fall into obedience dragging old habits, time schedules and mindsets with us. Help us today to delight in your voice and to tell someone the good news of the Savior today. Don’t wait…rejoice now!

See you on the path.