Mother Mary

I was at my daughter’s house looking out at the rain falling. For those of you who don’t know Fresno is in the midst of a long and devastating drought. So…to see and experience rain is exciting. But something caught my eye and was at first disturbing because I couldn’t figure out what it was.

In their backyard is a statue of Mary, in fact I believe it was left there by a previous owner and Rachel and Scott decided not to move her. But you see what was confusing for a moment was the fact it was raining yet there was a beam of sun light on the statue’s brow. Apparently for just a moment the sun broke through the clouds, streamed among the branches, leaves and struck this representation of Mary.

As I stood there contemplating The Gospel According to Abbie Jane Wells came to mind where she states, “Of course, it is possible for God to have a Son of a woman ‘in a different place at a different time’ but that son wouldn’t be Jesus, for Jesus was Mary’s son as well as God’s-which lottsa people tend to forget at times. For all I know-for all anybody knows-God may have “proposed” through the ages but, as far as we know, Mary was the first one to say an unqualified ‘yes’”.

In the midst of her agony, of seeing her son on the cross, with all the sorrow and grief this mother, this woman, this believer who said “yes” knew, she had a divine ray of light in her mother’s heart and hope from her God that her boy and her Savior would return. She knew in her heart and mind there would be an Easter! Amen!

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