birthdayToday is my wife’s birthday! God bless you dear heart! When I took her early this morning to sit with the twins the little ones shouted out, “Happy Birthday Grandma!” Promptly giving her balloons, flowers and great hugs.

When I looked at their beautiful faces I was reminded of what James Finley states in his book on meditation. “The meditation practice we might find ourselves gravitating toward could be baking bread, tending roses, or taking long, slow walks to no place in particular. or we might find ourselves being interiorly drawn to painting or to reading or writing, poetry or listening to certain kinds of music….Or our practice may be that of being with that person in whose presence we awakened to what is most real and vital in our life.”

While I watched “grandma” settle in with the toddlers, one in each arm. Holding, snuggling, kissing, laughing and yes giving instruction. I was seeing oneness with our Savior. May God allow us more awareness of His presence in our daily lives. Thank you dear wife for teaching me daily about walking hand in hand with our Savior!

Dear God, enlighten the eyes of our hearts so we may not only see and receive your mercy but also notice the places in our daily lives where you call us to extend love, mercy and hope. Amen.

See you on the path.

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