Maundy Thursday

Tonight several men and women are helping me with our Maundy Thursday service. We will have stations where we will be asked questions regarding our spiritual walk. We will pause and consider His sacrifice for us. At one point you come to the crown of thorns. We are challenged to touch a thorn, to be amazed at what our Savior suffered for you and I.

But there will be one station not seen or used tonight. The moment where Jesus paused, got down on His knees and washed the feet of His disciples. Over the years I’ve watched how parishioners hesitate and even refuse to come because they don’t want someone touching or maybe even seeing their feet.

Now they are willing to pray, struggle with the enormity of the cross, the passion, the Walk of Sorrow but when it comes to taking off their shoes. Nope not going to happen. Jean Vanier wrote, “To wash the feet of a brother or sister in Christ, to allow someone to wash our feet, is a sign that together we want to follow Jesus, to take the downward path, to find Jesus’ presence in the poor and weak. Is it not a sign that we too want to live a heart-to-heart relationship with others, to meet them as a person and a friend, and to live in communion with them? Is it not a sign that we yearn to be men and women of forgiveness, to be healed and cleansed and to heal and cleanse others and thus to live more fully in communion with Jesus?”

Tonight just pause in your meditations, in your prayers and remember. Remember our Savior knelt to wash from our feet the filth of sin. To humbly demonstrate how to serve one another so that the world might have hope! Amen.

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