Let Us Pray…

Last week my middle daughter was taken in for an MRI. There are some other tests to be done but the good news is that the MRI came out clean. But don’t you hate the ……………waiting? I sure do. Maybe some of you are waiting right now for test results, for a relationship to change, for a new job. So, let’s pray.

Almighty God, Loving-Caring-Healing-Supporting Savior hear what we are praying today! We thank You for Your presence Your acceptance Your comfort that You actually know my name.

All around me are people who care…let me know and feel that reality. People who strengthen my faith when I stumble when I get sick of waiting-who share the ministry of Your Word when I can’t speak.

Today we pray for renewal for healing of body of circumstances and I praise You for the victories we have seen in the past. Lord…be with those who call on You today. In those dark and quiet moments of their lives. Help us to stand together as believers as a community. No one should go alone into those lonely spaces without You.

Today fill us with strength with confidence that You are the God today, tomorrow and always. Even when we don’t understand, even when waiting, frustrated and hurting. Christ of the Cross and yes the empty tomb hold us up today! Help us bear this burden today! Give us the courage to seek after answers to our hurts and questions to trust You for enough mercy for today. Hear this prayer Lord. Thank You Lord in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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