I was in the garden praying when I glanced up at the pine next to a waterfall. Which caused me to think about Brother Juniper a companion of Francis of Assisi and sometimes called a “fool for Christ.” He was known for giving away all his stuff things like clothes, food, all his possessions to the poor. Tradition notes that Brother Francis was known to laugh and state how he wished for a forest of Junipers.

As you travel this path how are you doing? Are you paying attention to those in need that surround you today? Have you held a hand, written a note of comfort? Have you stopped and bowed your head and lifted another in prayer? Have you paused in your hectic day to just laugh and jump for joy at the love of our Savior…for you?!

No? What is stopping you? Are you too busy? Then dear brother and sister in Christ you are too busy. Our Savior did not even withhold His life so we could celebrate this day in service. May our God remind us how precious this moment is and how we have the opportunity to share His love with another. “Come, let us bow down and bend the knee: let us kneel before the LORD our Maker.”

See you on the path…

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