This is a picture of me in the 70s getting ready for a parachute jump. I’ll never forget the excitement, the anxiety and the anticipation of hurling myself out and away. Looking toward the jumpmaster waiting for his nod and his word “go.”

I thought of all that this week after meeting with two people who are preparing to start a new church. Watching their excitement, listening to their anxiety, their concerns for a good launch. Hearing myself give that nod that word “go.” What are you waiting for the master said now is the time?

There is an apocryphal book called the Acts of John which contains a collection of stories concerning the Apostle John. Fragments of an early oral tradition about the “beloved disciple.” Very short but the text does contain this interesting episode called the “Round Dance” or “Circle Dance of the Cross.” No doubt used at one time as a liturgical song.

Take a moment to listen: “Grace leads the dance, I will make music. You shall all dance in a ring. I will lament, you shall all beat your breasts. I will flee, and I will stay. I will adorn, and I shall be adorned. I will be united, and I will unite. I have no house, and I have houses. I have no home, and I have homes. I have no temple, and I have temples. I am a lamp to you who perceive me. I am a door to you who knock at me. I am a way to you, a traveler. Join yourself now to my dancing.”

You can critique and argue over such a piece of historical writing. But most of all just listen to the words. What are you being encouraged to do for our Savior? Have you been called to “dance” to do something today for another? Have you been called to “stay” put and serve where planted? Have you been called to jump. Putting your faith in our Savior knowing there is no way it’s going to happen without His intervention? Point? Today you have an opportunity to share the Good News. Tomorrow may be too late. The Master says “go.”

“Come let us sing to the LORD: let us shout for joy to the Rock of our salvation.”

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