Journey Through Stained Glass – Morning

“I Am the Bright Morning Star” Rev. 22:16

The prophet  Isaiah predicted that a twig would sprout upon the stump of Jesses (the father of David) and a shoot would grow out of its root (Isaiah 11:1). Christians recognize this as an allusion to the birth of Christ. While in Numbers 24:17, it was predicted that “then shall come a star out of Jacob”. Here in Revelation we see the prophets, the preachers, the worshipers, the seekers all come together. Here we see the “bright morning star” our long awaited Jesus!

Fifth century monk Paulinus of Nola shouted, “We have no right to our possessions; they have been entrusted to us for the good of all. Let us then invest with the Lord what he has given us, for we have nothing that does not come from him: we are dependent upon him for our very existence. And we ourselves particularly, who have a special and a greater debt, since God not only created us but purchased us as well; what can we regard as our own when we do not possess even ourselves?”

Lord Jesus you have shown yourself to the nations, the countries, the world and many have been transformed by your beautiful light. But…there are those remaining who have yet to look toward the “bright morning star.” May today’s rising sun remind us of your healing light to all people and all nations.