It Is Enough…

I had a friend drop by today. His name is Victor. I met him in  1985 when I had first moved to Fresno to help with resettlement of the Hmong and Laotian families. He was struggling when I met him.

He was out of work, his family was out of control, he was having acute pain and he didn’t know where to turn. Then he saw a small church located in his neighborhood that had not been there before so he came in to pray. He knocked on my office door and said, “Hi Father I’m Victor and I’m in trouble.”

We were able to get him some help, training and to the right doctors. I admire Victor a lot! Nobody knows the troubles, the loss, the anguish this man has had to bear. But…he has never and I do mean never faltered in his walk with the Lord. When I stumble when I feel like having a pity party I think of Victor and I move forward.

Ignatius of Loyola said this, “Consider that the blessed life we so long for consists in an intimate and true love of God, our Creator and Lord, which binds and obliges us all to a sincere love.”

Dear God and Father thank you for men and women like Victor. Whether loss, grief, poverty, or pain they live an example of Christian humility and faith. Together we learn that Jesus is enough. It is enough to stand, to kneel together and wait in silence before You. It is enough to be bound together in eternal love and freedom to give up our lives so others can know…You are enough. (Of course Father if it be Your will please give Victor a few small breaks). Amen.