I am Not a Victim!

I sometimes teach a class in cane defense. Part of the “American Cane System” to assist older individuals to have an item of defense in their hands. Not only is it practical but also builds emotional strength. In other words, teaches you not to be a victim. Plus now that I’m an older Tae Kwon Do master it helps me too!

Okay preacher that’s interesting but what does that have to do with us walking the path with our Savior? Well James Forbes in his Living with Apocalypse writes this, “The gospel calls us to count up the cost of our witness. Part of this process is the assessing of our power as well. In God’s grace the Church discovers that its members are not helpless victims of alien powers but bearers of gifts, competencies, and influence for effecting change. Just as Moses was told to use the rod in his hand ad the disciples were bidden to feed the multitude with the lunch they had, so we are expected to use what we have…What a powerful witness we could be if the parts of the body came to a new awareness of the power that is at work within and around us!”

Okay so question: What is in your hand? Have you decided you don’t have enough resources, you are too old, or not old enough? You are too weak or too busy? What gifts have God blessed you with and you are just hobbling along and not allowing yourself to be used for and by God? It’s time! Get up and get out there and make a difference for our Savior. You can do this Jesus said so.

My Lord, my Lord, help me to hear and respond to Your call-to live as to be numbered among the few who enter into the fullness of your love. Let me turn my cane(s) into a tool for You. Hear my cry as I walk Your path. Amen!

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