Everything is Broken…

What a week! Someone stole all the copper wiring out of the parking lot lights. The organ decided it was just too tired and didn’t want to play any more. I strolled into the men’s bathroom and part of the metal closure fell out of the door frame and whacked me on the head. I have a bump.

One of our parishioner’s stated, “Everything is broken.”

My answer: “Of course! This isn’t heaven.”

Sadhu Sundar Singh, an early twentieth century Indian missionary made this statement, “Diamonds do not dazzle with beauty unless they are cut. When cut, the rays of the sun fall on them and make them shine with wonderful colors. So when we are cut by the cross, we shall shine as jewels in the kingdom of God.”

Okay brothers and sisters as you travel the path it is your time to shine. To show those around you that we are safe and secure because of the sacrifice of our Savior. Of course the path gets bumpy from time to time but at least we are on the path with our God.

So, pray with me, Dear God, help us from making crosses out of tiny slivers of discomfort in our lives. Help us to see and recognize the true crosses we are called to bear, those whose heavy weight leads us down the path to freedom and provision of others. Amen. I say again Amen!

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