Crazy? A Warning to Us Believers…

I tried to watch the news this morning. Honestly I didn’t get very far before I switched the media off. The loss, the grief, the anger, the shootings, the storms it just seemed to pile up in seconds and I didn’t want any more. does remind you and I as believers that we are needed.

Jacques Ellul wrote, “One thing, however, is sure: unless Christians fulfill their prophetic role, unless they become the advocates and defenders of the truly poor, witness to their misery, then, infallibly, violence will suddenly break out. In one or other ‘their blood cries to heaven,’ and violence will seem the only way out. It will be too late to try to calm them and create harmony.”

Are we failing? Have we stepped back and just let sin build up? Are we accountable to the Good News of going, of serving, of lifting another up? Obviously…the answer is no. Pray with me…Dear God today give me the opportunity to walk along side another. Give me the courage to speak out against injustice. Grant us a burden so heavy that it breaks our hearts and we must respond. Give us the courage to be enemies of hunger, poverty, violence and economic injustice. Hear our prayer and help us walk this path so others will know dignity, will know the love of a Savior. I/we pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.