Christian Meditation?

Many of you have asked and continue to ask about Christian meditation. I did say I would be adding another area for you to follow me in regards to contemplative prayer. But just to help you keep on the path let me throw out a few points for you to consider.

First: There has never been an official designation in church history called “Christian meditation.” For the early church sisters and brothers their methods of meditating varied from one to the next. But…when you look at the various ways they spend time in contemplation you will discover some similarities. (That is what we will talk about in another blog).

Second: Which means as you start looking at the guidelines, I will give you, this will help you to settle into your own way of contemplating, of…meditating, of opening your life to the Savior.

Third: The first major task for any of you considering adding contemplation to your daily routine of prayer, Bible study and reading is to…sit still, with your back straight and your eyes closed saying, as the child Samuel did (3:4), “Here I am Lord.”

Fourth you might want to start reading some material of the early writers on contemplation. Such reading along with worship and prayer prepare us for contemplation, for this wonderful mystical experience with God. Start with some of the legendary figures such as Meister Eckhart, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint John of the Cross, the Cloud of Unknowing, Thomas Merton, and of course James Finley and his books on meditation.

Dorothy Day is quoted as saying, “We have to create an environment where it is easier to be good.” So take some time to create an environment of contemplation, to pause and look at what is important in your life, what gets first place. So for all of us it would be great to sit quietly, read a little, pray some, worship and then we will continue on this hala halak (meditation path). I will be happy to stand with as a brother in Christ as we contemplate the goodness, the greatness, the wonder and mystery of our God. (Okay enough of that I will let you know when the other blog is available and will get back to our regular discussions). Stay on the path.

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