Big Hat of…Love

Me and the family went to “Big Hat Days” a local event that includes food, booths and of course fun things for the children. Kind of preparation for the upcoming rodeo. Lots of people everywhere but not many big hats. But I made sure I dressed for the event.

I got to thinking about getting “dressed” for our Savior. How do we prepare? How do we present ourselves to the world as believers. Do we stand out or are we just one of many in a crowd?

Julian of Norwich a fourteenth-century writer said this, “What, do you wish to know your Lord’s meaning in this thing? Know it well, love was his meaning. Who reveals it to you? Love. What did he reveal to you? Love. Why does he reveal it to you? For love. Remain in this, and you will know more of the same.”

Okay brothers and sisters today when you crawl out of bed. When you look in the mirror be determined to put on that big hat, that Christian walk that says I am different. I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and that is shown through the love I distribute because of Him! Wear a smile today. Stand straight, be relaxed for you are forgiven so share that Good News with another today!!