This is my last blog for a few days. Arlean and I are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary today, June 1st. I fell in love with this marvelous girl while in High School. I never looked back I just knew we would walk this life together.

She has supported our family financially in her years as a nurse she has followed wherever God led. She has taught Sunday school, played the piano for worship and raised three beautiful girls to be strong women. She holds the hands of our grandchildren and her husband too.

At first I didn’t understand why this quote came to mind but after a little time made sense. Mennonite theologian John Howard Yoder wrote, “The work of God is the calling of a people, whether in the Old Covenant or the New. The church is then not simply the bearer of the message of reconciliation, in the way a newspaper or a telephone company can bear any message, as an alumni association is the product of a school or the crowds in a theater are the product of the reputation of the film. That men and women are called together to a new social wholeness is itself the work of God, which gives meaning to history.”

God called and two people responded Danny and his gorgeous, talented, inventive, caring and loving wife. Thank You Savior for watching over me and providing the companion that keeps me going, that prays with me, that holds me when depressed, when I cry and when shouting with joy. God bless her and may you give us more years to serve, to share to celebrate!

“Father, I stretch my hand to you: no other help I know.”

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