“Alabare! Alabare! Alabare a mi Senor”

My daughter made two worship banners for the front of our pulpit in order to celebrate the liturgical year some years ago. I’ve used the purple Alpha and Omega numerous times. Then this past Easter I was getting ready to fold and put away when I noticed the other side. She had embroidered a beautiful cross in gold. I had never seen it! Year after year and I never paid attention.

Okay here is the deal don’t be like me! Pay attention! Mechthild of Magdeburg, a thirteenth-century mystic cried out, “I cannot dance, Lord, unless you lead me. If you want me to leap with abandon, you must intone the song. Then I shall leap into love, from love into knowledge, from knowledge into enjoyment, and from enjoyment beyond all human sensations. There I want to remain, yet also to circle higher.”

What am I getting at? God has already written the songs, created the universe, pleaded with you to have a relationship but you and I get so busy we don’t pay attention. We are only concerned about our problems our needs and we miss the obvious…God’s love for us.

Alabare! Alabare! Alabare a mi Senor: Praise to the Lord! Praise to the Lord! Sing praises now, forevermore.

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