Last Sunday we had our first ACT, Adaptive Change Team, meeting. I was literally shocked at the number of people that showed up. In fact, I was little agitated because I hadn’t prepared enough food for everyone. But, the meeting went well even without food. The facilitator did a great job of discussing the process, asking where people were at this current time with the fellowship and what they expected to get out of this time together.

As a 131 year old congregation the next five years are going to be crucial. We must consider direction, population, culture and how to best be used by God in this changing world and community. We must ask ourselves, “what ministry challenges are we currently facing for which we do not presently have an answer, but which must be addressed if we are to live into God’s future for us?” I have been praying for this process to take hold for the last nineteen years. Finally God has brought the right person to lift up and move our church family to look at what lies ahead. Praise God!

Last Sunday I also started pushing our congregation to ask this question: “How many moments of every day can I live in the awareness that God is right here and surrender to his will? I encouraged them to let me know how they are doing each week. In the Practice of the Presence of God Brother Lawrence states, “…One thing is necessary: we must, nevertheless, always work at it, because not to advance, in the spiritual life, is to go back.” So…how is it going?

I am praying for your walk today pray instantly for me, “who am yours in the LORD.”