What a Miracle of a Day I Had…

My day started talking with men who are serving within the inner city and how we can best help them grow. We gave out probably fifteen bicycles to help with their academic challenge and life skills ministry. You work hard, you serve your Savior, you take care of business we will stand with you.

Then I met with two professional men interested in our Matthew 25 outreach. They wanted to know if I would help them build a ministry in southwest Fresno. To use my cross cultural experience, church starting skills and history to grow church based ministries to specific neighborhood’s. I was just so humbled by their willingness to serve no matter what obstacles might lie in their way. I knew for a fact the Holy Spirit is with them and lives will be changed, neighborhoods transformed because of their answering God’s call..

Later I met with two of our medical leaders and heard about the fantastic work God is planning for us in Myanmar and Thailand. To learn that its not just a dream but we will actually be able to partner with others to build self-sustaining clinics in areas that receive little or no medical relief. (I have to admit later I laughed out loud. Who would ever think a small ministry such as ours could have a global outreach to go where governments, denominations, and social programs have not been able to go. God is good!)

This evening a missionary that is going to Lebanon to teach the many Syrian refugee children flowing into that country came and spoke to our church. What a joy to listen, to hear her enthusiasm for our Savior. To know that God is working in the Middle East. That lives are being changed today for Christ in the midst of so much pain and we can have a small part in that healing for Christ.

That was my day. I am exhausted! I am humbled! What a miracle of a day I had!

Stay on the path. God has some miracles ahead for you!

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