The Cross…It is Complete

Every year I place the various Lenten bulletin covers on my door. Helps me review and think about where we have been as a fellowship as we approach Easter. I have to admit there is this sense of accomplishment of joy when I finally place the last bulletin on the door and the cross is complete.

Jack Bernard wrote, “The key element in beginning to learn to embody the love of God is not heroic faith and determination. It has to do with whether or not we can take hold of the love of God as a power that includes us within it. The difference is between seeing life from the inside of God versus seeing it from within my own sensibilities and capacities. From inside the love of God, suffering becomes not only bearable, but a privilege of participating with Christ in his love for the world. This cannot be rationally explained or justified, but it is the fruit of a life trustingly lived in and for God who is all love.”

Dear God help me to rejoice that the cross is complete, my debt has been paid the sacrifice made. Knowing that reality helps me Father to stand with hope, perseverance the knowledge that my tomorrows are taken care of and because of that fact I can confront injustice. I have the freedom to pray for patience and grace so I may walk with those who suffer, that I may have the strength to lift up another. Thank You dear God for the cross… that it is complete! Amen!

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