Spiritual Moms…

Every year I buy something for the women of my church for Mother’s Day. Sometimes I get them tea, or pens, maybe a bookmark. But usually its the traditional carnations. I do this on my own and don’t make a big deal about the gift. Just my little way of saying “thanks” to the women in the church.

As a home missionary, church planter, counselor, shepherd, and preacher I will gladly admit this reality. Much of the Lord’s work just could not be done without women. They hold a hand, pray, sew, cook, build, teach, preach, and cradle.

In other words, I’m trying to say have a great mother’s Day moms, sisters, wives and fellow servants. Sorry I can’t give each of you a carnation to say “thanks” but I can pass on what Jeanne de Chantal, the seventeenth-century founder of the Order of the Visitation said, “No matter what happens, be gentle with yourself.”

Today take a moment to rest, to pause and recognize how much you are cared for and needed. Today be”gentle” with yourself and may the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ go with you all. Amen.