On Saturday I had the privilege of promoting one of our Tae Kwon Do students to yellow belt and ten to orange belt. Those who have finally reached orange I said, “You are now actually starting your martial art training. All the other hours, exercise and sweat has just been preparation for today.”

Question: How are you doing with your training? How are you doing with your spiritual exercises? Such as Bible reading, meditation, prayer and service. Are you just getting started? Have you stumbled? Or are you a dedicated student for our Savior?

Dorothy Day wrote, “What we do is very little. But it is like the little boy with a few loaves and fishes. Christ took that little and increased it. He will do the rest. What we do is so little that we may seem to be constantly failing. But so did he fail. He met with apparent failure on the Cross. But unless the seeds fall into the earth and die, there is no harvest.”

Dear God help us with our training. Give us patience and a humble spirit, strengthen our feeble efforts at being your servants. Bless our training and all the little things we do in your name so that our small acts of faith may find witness among many and thereby send them on their way to you.

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