Make us Small…

I was watching my eighteen month old grandson water the yard. He was so dedicated. He wanted to do a good job. He was so happy. But most of all he was so little.

In the Book of Common Prayer we read, “Save us and make us small, O God: small enough to walk your little way.” Question what is the little way? Well Therese of Lisieux, a nineteenth-century Carmelite nun sought to make the world a better place through small deeds. She tried to do daily life with a smile and with Christ in mind, to do so, if possible, without complaining. She noted, “The only way to make rapid progress along the path of divine love is to remain very little and put all our trust in Almighty God.”

Why don’t you give that a try today. To ask God to dwell within the small things. To help someone, to smile at another. Send a card. Be a child of Christ. Let the pride and the ego go and just lift your life up in joy!

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