Lenten Journey Through Stained Glass/Gate

“I am the Gate” John 10:9 Through this reference to himself as a gate our Savior reveals the unique blessings his shepherding brings to us, his flock. His salvation keeps us safe from the threat and dangers of sin. He is the gate through which we may pass to obtain, hope, compassion and security.

Now that you have passed through the gate. Now that you have the purpose, promise and hope of the Savior what will you do with such security? This Lent how will you give as the Savior sacrificed for you? Basil of Caesarea, a fourth-century monk asked, “Are you not a robber, you who consider your own that which has been given you solely to distribute to others? This bread which you have set aside is the bread of the hungry; this garment you have locked away is the clothing of the naked; those shoes which you let rot are the shoes of him who is barefoot; those riches you have hoarded are the riches of the poor.”

Dear God, keep us from speaking words of love while holding onto the stuff of this world. During our Lenten journey make us a little uncomfortable and discontent with the way things are. Help us clean house emotionally and spiritually. Keep us on the path of service and Christian love. Amen.

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