I Can’t?

photomeI had a strange moment this morning. I was having a time of meditation when all at once thoughts just rushed over me. Things like, “I can’t do this any more. I can’t keep pushing people to give, to share, to serve, to get moving. I just can’t… let some other servant do the job. (By the way this experience often takes place when its time for our annual meeting at church. When we look at budget, dollars, outreach and what we think we can or cannot afford to push. So you can kind of understand the frustration that was showing up within my prayers).

Then writer Madeleine L’Engle came to mind. She made this statement, “We are all asked to do more than we can do. Every hero and heroine of the Bible does more than he would have thought possible to do, from Gideon to Esther to Mary, Jacob, one of my favorite characters, certainly wasn’t qualified. He was a liar and a cheat, and yet he was given extraordinary vision of angels and archangels ascending and descending a ladder which reached from earth to heaven.”

Now both you and I know I’m no Bible character, sometimes a character but certainly not worthy of being any where near the list of servants in the Bible…but wait a minuet… maybe that is the point. We are all worthy because Jesus died for us and He certainly already knows what we (you know the list: liars, cheats, gossips on and on). Okay back to work, back to the path, back to walking with my Lord and Savior.

Dear God, today is the day so please help me to rejoice and be glad.

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