Our Church History

In 1882, Mrs. Frances Potter, a missionary and wife of the pastor of Fresno First Baptist Church, expressed an interest in the Chinese people and opened her home to them. She taught them different classes, especially English.

In 1884, she founded the Chinese Baptist Mission, located between E and Inyo Streets. Miss Sally Stein was the next missionary at the church and she worked there for 24 years. Miss Stein visited many homes to teach and help the women and children. She also began a Sunday school for the kids.

In 1915, the Chinese Mission moved to Mariposa and E Streets.

From 1918 to 1947, missionary Amy Purcell and her helper, Ruth Nelson, helped to make the mission grow.

In 1939, the mission became the Chinese Baptist Christian Center. It moved to Tulare and Waterman Streets.

In 1945, the First Chinese Baptist Church was organized and in 1962, a new sanctuary was built next to the old church.

On September 26, 1993, the church left the building on Tulare and Waterman Streets and had services at San Joaquin Gardens while a new church was being built.

On November 19, 1995, Sunday services started at the new location on Angus Street.


Rev. John Hestenes 1945-47
Rev. Kenneth Harris 1947-51
Rev. Man F. Hui 1949
Rev. John Tan 1951-54
Rev. Edward Tong 1954-77
Rev. Glenn Knight 1977
Rev. Livingston Chen 1978-81
Rev. William Hayler 1981-83
Rev. Peter Tow 1983-89
Rev. Gary Wong 1989-90
Rev. Virgil Reeve 1990-95
Rev. Jerald Traeger 1995-96
Rev. Danny Jack 1996-2023